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2015 Updated Listing of Dr Vasquez's Recent Books, Videos, and Articles

Orientation to the books and updates: Thank you for your visit, and I will provide context to the system here. These books are provided/printed by different bookstores and publishers, hence the need for orientation so that you can know what is the best route and also the least expensive route.

  • The learning system: At this time and for the forseeable future, Naturopathic Rheumatology v3.5 is the "master document", the "mother lode" and the best single outline of the protocol at 900 pages printed in color. The full-color printing costs a bit more but is completely worthwhile because you're going to spend several hours with this book and will reference it frequently. A competent clinician could easily recoup this expense in one visit or one day. So if the 900-page book helps you with one or two patients, then the book has paid for itself and the rest is profit for the next many years.

  • Books: in addition to the links below, see descriptions at 




MAIN TEXT of 900 pages in color: Naturopathic Rheumatology v3.5 is the "master document", the "mother lode" and the best single outline of the protocol at 900 pages printed in color. Naturopathic Rheumatology v3.5 contains chapters 1-5. Because publishing 900 pages in color required that I use a new/different publisher, I don't have the ability to provide a discount on that book; however, I encourage you to get that particular book because it contains the most data, in color, and in a clearly organized and sequential structure.  You can and should be able to recoup the cost of the book within one patient visit, or otherwise one day or one week. I published Chapters 1-4 (in black and white) and Chapter 5 (in color) in the separate books listed below.

  1. Purchase option Amazon:

  2. Purchase option Barnes and Noble:

Updates to the main text Naturopathic Rheumatology v3.5

  1. Antiviral Strategies (digital or paper): 

  2. Mastering mTOR: Resveratrol, Reductive (Antioxidant) Therapies, and Restrictive Diets: This is an update to the section on mitochondrial dysfunction and endoplasmic reticulum stress. Available only as a digital book in the free Kindle format (available for phones, tablets/iPads, and computers):

  3. Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis in Clinical Disease:

Other books that are part of the overall system: speciality topic books


Videos: All of my videos are available here with different/same videos available here

Articles: These days, I am very happily using for sharing my articles, so please see and you can also find additional articles at and a few more at You can also post/share articles that we publish in IJHNFM available here:; this article is open-access and we encourage wide distribution—just cut and paste the webpage below the line on your website: